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Antiquarius Consort Praga
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Musica Divina Praga

Vivaldi Orchestra Praga

Václav Návrat

Aleš Bárta

Antiquarius Consort Praga

artistic leader Václav Návrat

Antiquarius is a chamber ensemble which is engaged (through its artistic programme) in performing music from previous centuries with the range of sound colours which contemporary audiences are most likely to have heard. To realize this aim a number of enthusiastic musicians highly experienced in the playing of original instruments were assembled.

In preparation for its performances the ensemble engages in a systematic study of archive materials from which it can draw valuable information about period interpretation. The overview obtained and evaluation made provide a baseline for the ensemble‘s personal artistic creativity.

Antiquarius‘ repertoire ranges from the late renaissance in which the baroque violin originated through early baroque, taking in the works of both celebrated and unknown composers to the inexhaustible treasure store of compositions from the Czech pre-classical period, Viennese classicism and early romanticism. The concert repertoire list includes pieces for solo violin, violoncello, harpsichord and organ, trio sonatas, classical and romantic string quartets, period transcriptions of Beethoven’s symphonies for string quintet, vocal pieces and compositions for various instrumental combinations up to small chamber orchestra. Particular emphasis is given to discovering the hidden treasures of older Czech music.

The ensemble aims to achieve a truly authentic style of interpretation using the period musical materials and, in particular, original period instruments, bows, gut strings, old tunings and methods of completion of parts by ornamentation. Its goal is to play the music as it was performed by the best professionals of its period with the entire range of effects and improvisational techniques which would previously have been used.

The ensemble has given many successful concerts from its wide repertoire many of which have been recorded on CD by the Czech ARTA RECORDS and Japanese PONY CANYON and EXTON labels.

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