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Václav Návrat

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Václav Návrat

(b. 1962)

Václav Návrat is one of the leading personalities in the world of authentic interpretation of early music in the Czech Republic.

He studied at the Conservatoire in Ostrava with Josef Sochor and later at the Academy of Music in Prague with Antonín Moravec. After graduating he became a member of the Prague Madrigalists, an ensemble of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. His fascination with the authentic interpretation of early music dates back to this time. He intensively studied the available archive materials, played the baroque and classical violin and later founded several ensembles specialising in early music – the ANTIQUARIUS CONSORT, MUSICA DIVINA PRAGA and the BEETHOVEN TRIO PRAGA. In 1998 he founded the VIVALDI ORCHESTRA PRAGA, with which he often performs as a soloist with a large repertoire of baroque concertos.

Václav Návrat has recorded more than 20 CD’s for the Japanese companies PONY CANYON and EXTON (one of the CD’s even became a recording of the month in Japan), and for ARTA RECORDS and OLIVERIUS RECORDS. He has performed hundreds of concerts with his ensembles in many countries around the world.

Václav Návrat is also interested in the visual arts; he enjoys painting (he has had several exhibitions) and designs CD covers. He has written a number of specialist and popular articles about early music. He also writes essays and short stories. In 1995 the publishing house Volvox globator published his book “The Shaman Blow” – a book of stories about the magical side of things…

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